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A Rant in Progress, This is What We Must Do about Global Warming.

Charting a Warming Future
Graphing Global Warming
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The Boy Who Denied Wolf
Parable about Climate Change Denial - for Children of all Ages.

Wireless Ridesharing
A Proposal for Trusted Ridesharing Service - saves fuel

No Energy Tomorrow
Countering petroleum industry propaganda

Blog Criticising Climate Denialism

My Elegant Invention
Patented: Use the sun to aim a dish antenna - applied gnomonics - under development.

My travels to Afghanistan 1984
with reporter Hilda Bryant to document the war in Afghanistan and the opium trade in Pakistan.

CV and History
Experienced Account Manager, Writer, Digital Media Producer - Hire Me !


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V Richard Pauli

I am now a man too smart for my own good.

A long career in high tech:   doing interactive TV in Advanced Technnology at Microsoft, then as program manager at RealNetworks.   I am the sole patent holder of an elegant invention. Ideas come easily to me. But there is only one thing now, after much study,   all we have left to do is address global warming.

We do this by doing the science and investigating adaptation and by proposing mitigation.   All is preparation, because we know of no way to fix it.   There is nothing more important than helping the world prepare.

To that goal, so far, I have been quite busy:   I join sustainability groups.   I blog.   At the University of Washington I attend graduate seminars in current research in climate science, and have accessed courses in communicating global warming, as well as studies in Ethics and Climate Change.   I have designed a dynamic ridesharing app that has influenced many ridesharing business,   And I may patent a small passive filter for removing greenhouse gasses, and perhaps start a business based on that design.   But everything I can do will not be enough.

I realize that the most influence I can exert, for the fastest action will be in designing messages carried by entertainment media.   Humans will soon be more fully aware of their chaotic future - the misinformation machine is falling apart,and the wave of serious commitment is rising.

Since 50% of the world population is less than 27 years old - and they know they have to get engaged.   We think we have borrowed the future from our children, but we may have stolen it.   There may be an upcoming test for civilization, a generational crisis that cannot be avoided.   We had better hurry up and change.

Photo 2004
Happier days prior to knowing AGW

OK, some old history stuff: for a while, I worked at developing a satellite industry product: Sundial Setup.  The patented invention is a great example of combining informatics with a real world object. perhaps the quintessential example of such an invention.   Not much of a market case, is there?.   I have tremendous respect for successful entrepreneurs.   Ideas are much easier to generate than the follow-through implementation.

Here is more: raised in Arizona, California, Tennessee, New York, and New England; then produced media in one form or another in the American West, Central Asia, Canada and Peru, and now Seattle.  My experience set includes: television photojournalism, writing, computer programming, digital interface design, interactive animation, technical writing, product development and lately oil painting.   I am eager to learn new techniques for human expression using digital multimedia.

The photojournalism work started in Tucson, Arizona, then on to Seattle.  Covered stories such as the Mt. St. Helen's eruption, war and smuggling in Afghanistan, eco-cleaning the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, and lots of local news.  I claim to be the first one-man-band broadcast TV photographer, using SONY broadcast beta cameras, I entered the war zone of Afghanistan in 1984, sharing an Emmy Award for that broadcast show.  And no, I did not know about the story of Charlie Wilson's War - although I was there during that era - and it explains much of my extraordinary good treatment there.

After realizing that analog broadcast television - with a limiting technology with shrinking markets and importance - will only work to redirect viewers to the Internet and digital media - I did all I could to work in interactive computer-delivered media at Microsoft. I was there before Bill discovered the Internet - very exciting times, and I learned much by testing multimedia apps, programming interactive animations, authoring help files, researching interactive television, authoring user education products and designing and producing samples for showcasing streaming media.

A little deeper: In 1996 I filed two independently developed patents for original hardware products; for a calibrated adjustable gnomon and for an electronic paintbrush.   I left Microsoft in order to pursue these inventions and do other contracting work.  No, actually I was black-balled from Microsoft forever, for asserting my rights to an independent invention I patented while working as a permatemp - intependent contractor, not technically employed by them.   It is a grey area, still untested in the courts.   But, I got to blunder into a hissy-fit of techno-hubris - and Microsoft got to henceforth miss my brilliance and creativity by their stubborn short-sightedness. Then worked as a program manager at RealNetworks. I worked with clients such as CSPAN, Associated Press, Air America Radio, Democracy Now, National Geographic and even helped his High Holiness Dalai Lama in the international delivery of rich media IP content.

My writing has appeared in such diverse print publications as Computer User, MaZagine, Microsoft white papers, and RealNetworks docs. I try to maintain a few Web sites - the search bar above is for my content. For years Microsoft showcased my work - Volcano Expresso, as a prime example of Windows Media in the electronic document.

These days I grow impatient about human responses to global climate change and the political promise of the building an information community. I yearn to join a team and contribute to making powerful changes. But what matters now? Values and goal lines will be changing quickly now.

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