Richard Allen Pauli
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Strategy, Tactics and Creation of Climate Change Messages

Citizen Journalist blogging, photography and activism aimed at the single issue of global warming. Personal efforts to establish web sites:,,, and - a GPS wireless ridesharing application designed to reduce transportation costs globally. 2007-current
SalesForce CRM database volunteer record wrangling for Seeds of Compassion - the Dalai Lama visit to Seattle April 2008.
Program Manager/Business Solutions Manager at RealBroadcast Networks - division of Real Networks. Preserving and enhancing revenue by improving setup process for long term streaming media clients. Performing custom setup and management of streaming and downloaded media delivery events. Projects include secure linking, porting broadcast live and pre-recorded events for Webcast streaming. Statistical analysis of media events 1999 - 2007.
Director of Instructional Media at Talking Dog Media. Managed small teams for City University projects including online instructional media, Web sites, marketing and advertising materials. Spring and Summer 1999.
Product Developer for a patented device, SunDialSetup, for aiming a directional antenna. 1998-Current
Instructor in computer applications at the Art Institute of Seattle. 1997-1998.
Producing Demos for Network Streaming Media showcasing interactive streaming capabilities of Microsoft NetShow. Also instructional design and technical writing for Networked Multimedia Products., 1997.
User Education authored segments for the Microsoft Interactive Television Design Advisor. 1996.
Multimedia Authoring: CD-ROM based interactive animations for the Microsoft Kids Business Unit, 1994.
Authored OEM Software Adaptation Kit for the Microsoft-At-Work Windows Printing System, 1993.
Usability Testing and lab setup for the Microsoft Windows Printing System v1.5 UI.
Multimedia Testing: Writing and executing test plans for Bookshelf 93, Encarta, MMPack. Microsoft Multimedia Systems and Consumer.
Writing & Video Production of broadcast video news releases for the computer industry.
Northwest Correspondent for PCTV, video features for a TV news show about new computer applications. Sponsored by PC-Connections.
Television News Journalist and Video Producer for Seattle newscasts, KIRO-TV. Emmy award winning photojournalism. Daily deadlines.

University of Washington: Seminars in Climate Change - current research, Communicating Climate Change, Ethics of Climate Change, Government Responses to Climate Change. Auditing graduate coursework in aspects of global warming, 2011-Current
BS, Boston University College of Communications: Studies in journalism, communications research, visual theory, photography, directing, editing, legal and business aspects of the broadcast & film industries.
Microsoft Corp. sponsored or internal training: AVID Non-Linear Editing, video editing
Source Library Management, version control
Visual Basic 3.0
Advanced Help File Authoring
Raid database bug tracking
Windows Testing tools
Computer Course Work: Programming in C, Introductory C Language. Univ. Wash. Computer Center, 1986.
Interactive Video Production, Sony Corp. Laser disk authoring and production, 1985.
Structured Programming, North Seattle Community College, 1984.
Basic Programming, Intro & Intermediate levels S. Seattle Community College, 1983.
Course work and internal training at RealNetworks includes communications, management and presentations skills.

Capable and/or proficient:
Office general tools: Word, Excel, and other non-Microsoft office applications.
Multimedia Production:Streaming media producers for RM, WMT, QT, also HTML editors, PaintShop Pro, non-linear editors, audio editors, compressors, editors, file format converters, FTP clients.

RealBroadcast Networks Setup and deployment of streaming events - both live and 24x7 - for national and international clients serving as a program manager for custom deployments and post-event statistical analysis. Includes extensive internal and external documentation for live streaming setups, live mobile, podcasting, and link security deployment.
Web courseware and other media for City University serving as a project manager of production teams for City University accounts at Talking Dog Media - produced 3 Web courses per month.
"Sundial Setup"is an intuitive low-tech device and method for aiming a satellite dish antenna using the shadow of the sun. Invented, developed, patented, currently available for licensing.
"Creating NetShow Video": chapter of the "Content Creation Authoring Guide for NetShow v2.0" a downloadable HTML multimedia document explaining how to produce and prepare video for NetShow streaming. Details special camera techniques to optimize for video compression. Released on the Microsoft NetShow site. Produced an introductory video and researched and authored the chapter on video production. "Mr. Stemwinder Finds the Time", an Internet delivered children's story that NetShow delivered with voice, pictures and highlighted text through a 28.8 connection. Executive producer, acquisition and design for a NetShow sample now in Web release.
"How to Make an Espresso", a humorous demonstration of streaming technology. It featured TV comedians John Keister and Joel McHale of Almost Live in a structured improvisation. Designed, produced and authored this demonstration of streaming multimedia with hotspots, frame flips and markers. This is presented with real motion video delivered through your 28.8 connection (with IE Explorer 3.02 or NetShow 2.0 installed).
"Back Then..." a personal nostalgia poem on the rise of personal image exchange. Authored text, composed music using Blue Ribbon Music Composer and assembled postcards from collection of the author. Currently appearing on the Microsoft NetShow samples page.
White Paper: "PC vs. TV Delivery Standards" discusses the evolution and convergence of television and digital media. A few years ago it was not so obvious. For the Microsoft Interactive Television Design Advisor 1995.
"How the Leopard Got His Spots" (Available only on CD-ROM ) from Children's Interactive Multimedia for Microsoft Home. Animated interactive programming of sound and picture. Released fall 1994.
OEM Software Adaptation Kit and Online Help Files for the At-Work Windows Printing Group producing intelligent, sleek, color printer applications. Technical writing and OEM customization instructions.
Usability Studies for the Installation User Interface for the Window Printing System 1.5. Designed and administered controlled, isolated tests, massaged data and authored usability reports.
Feature Video News Releases and Reports for PCTV. Short (3 min.) broadcast video productions on various computer applications. Researched & produced.

US Patent for a "Method and Apparatus for Aiming a Directional Antenna" An elegant, low-tech method for precisely aiming a satellite dish antenna using the shadow of the sun. Licensing available.
Selected by Microsoft as "Best of the Web" for the week of March 7-15, 1997. "Back Then..." a short, personal history of image exchange now appearing on the NetShow samples site.
Emmy Award: Investigative Journalism: Seattle region, KIRO-TV News 1985.
Articles: Computer User Dec. 1989 'In Search of the Perfect Palm-top' A Retrospective of the powerful shrinking computer.

Credo: Our future demands a relationship between civilization and technology.
Good health, step-parent to now adult children, Seattle resident since 1979. Hobbies: photography, bonsai
Verified 2nd degree Kevin Bacon

REFERENCES: Available on request